Jody Florance

Volunteer Director

Jody is a dynamic, creative and committed volunteer who, amongst other things produces our artwork and coordinates CEQ events such as the CEQ Charity Race Day.

Jody has been involved with Conductive Education “CE’  programs since she began attending the early intervention program at Xavier Special School in 1996 with her son Cameron when he was 16 months old. Cameron has Cerebral Palsy, Autism & Epilepsy, and his early prognosis was not a positive one. Jody embraced the dynamic holistic nature of CE and incorporated it into their every day (busy) life, this eliminated the need for multiple individual specialists & allied health appointments.      

Through Conductive Education, Cameron has astounded the medical profession and everyone who knows him. Jody’s commitment to Conductive Education Queensland is to ensure CE is available to other people whose lives may be changed in the most wonderful way through the practice.