Jody Florance

Director and Creative Input

Jody Florance is a dynamic, creative, energetic and committed worker. She is a mother of Three, Cameron her youngest has Cerebral Palsy. Jody has been involved with Conductive Education programs since she began attending the early intervention program at Xavier Special School with Cameron when he was a baby.

Jody collaborated on a presentation for the 6th World Congress on Conductive Education in 2007 titled ‘Conductive Education as a Pathway to Inclusion’. She was an integral member of the team which was an award winner at Education Queensland’s Showcase Awards for Excellence in Schools with ‘Grasping Education With Two Hands’ a synopsis of a remarkable journey of children with physical and multiple disabilities included in a mainstream school using Conductive Education as the pedagogy.

Jody was a P&C president for more than 14 years. She has raised much needed funds and awareness about Conductive Education as well as advocating for the rights of people with a disability to be included in all areas of society. Jody was instrumental in the successful transition of Xavier Special School to Whites Hill State College – Xavier Special Education Unit, where children with physical and multiple disabilities became valued members of a mainstream school community. Jody considers her role in this program as her one of her most remarkable accomplishment and the bureaucratic dismantling of the program as the most devastating.

Jody believes Conductive Education Queensland is the way forward. It is her allegiance to the spirit of an inclusive society that enables her to imagine the possibilities for CEQ to become an integral service for people throughout their life.

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